The Natural Revolution: Why More Seniors Are Turning to CBD for Joint Relief?

The Natural Revolution: Why More Seniors Are Turning to CBD for Joint Relief?

More than ever, seniors are turning to CBD products to aid in the management of stiff, sore, and inflamed joints. In a recent poll by The Arthritis Foundation, over 80% of respondents had tried CBD for joint issues, and over 29% continued to use CBD regularly. According to another survey taken from a 2022 clinical study, patients who reported using CBD for joint relief “reported a reduction or cessation of other medications due to CBD use (60.5 percent).” 

But how should you use CBD for joint comfort and mobility, and why are more seniors turning to this natural aid to achieve relief? How does CBD help benefit the joints, and what products should be used to achieve those benefits? 

In this article, we answer these questions and more, discussing how CBD may benefit joints while providing guidelines on which products to use. Read on to learn more about how to use CBD for joint health and how to choose the right products for potential lasting relief. 

How CBD Benefits Joints

Countless scientific studies suggest that CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and its ability to mitigate inflammation is key to its potential benefits for stiff or sore joints. Joint stiffness, soreness, and discomfort are typically caused by joint, tissue, and muscle inflammation. This is why CBD may be particularly helpful for those managing joint soreness--. In contrast, OTC remedies such as NSAIDs simply mask symptoms of joint issues, and CBD’s anti-inflammatory capacities may allow it to target the underlying cause while also aiding in symptom reduction.

CBD mitigates inflammation through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of neurotransmitters and receptors that spreads throughout the body and brain. When consumed or applied topically, CBD stimulates CB2 receptors, which are found in immune cells that regulate inflammation and in the peripheral tissues surrounding sore joints and muscles. Through this interaction, CBD is thought to modulate immune responses involved in inflammation, reducing the production of inflammatory cells and cytokines that are responsible for the underlying causes of stiff or sore joints.

Other studies suggest that CBD may further benefit joint issues by strengthening bones and cartilage in affected areas; increasing joint mobility; and regulating joint issues caused by overactive immune systems.

How To Use CBD for Joint Soreness & Stiffness?

Serenital offers a variety of CBD products that may support healthy joints. But which products should you choose when using CBD to aid stiff and sore joints, and how should you use them? 

The Tincture-Topical Approach

When using CBD for stiff or sore joints, the best approach is to combine a long-lasting tincture with a fast-acting topical--and luckily, Serenital offers a variety of both. Used alone, CBD topicals are effective for potential short-acting symptom relief, but to achieve lasting relief, adding a tincture to your daily wellness regimen is your best bet. Ultimately, this two-step approach comes down to treating the underlying causes in the long term and achieving rapid symptom relief. 

Serenital CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures have a long half-life, and when consumed daily, they allow CBD to work day and night to target the physiological systems involved in joint stiffness, soreness, and discomfort. By constantly supporting our body’s ability to manage and defend itself against inflammation, consistent use of a CBD tincture may prevent sore and stiff joints from flaring up in the first place while potentially easing the associated discomfort on a constant basis. Think of a CBD tincture as an underlying, everyday maintenance support for long-term relief. 

Serenital offers a variety of tinctures with high concentrations of CBD to ensure that you receive an effective dose every time. Using one of our basic CBD tinctures, you may help your body fight the underlying causes of sore joints, which is why we recommend taking CBD tinctures twice daily, once in the morning and once at night, for around-the-clock relief. We offer tinctures in various strengths, from 1500mg to 6000mg, and everywhere in between. 

Serenital CBD Topicals

Whereas Serenital’s CBD tinctures work around-the-clock. Our CBD topicals offer instantaneous, localized relief whenever and wherever you need it most. 

Our CBD Sport Balm contains 3,333mg of CBD to combine the soothing, anti-inflammatory powers of hemp with the cooling relief of menthol vapor--which may ease discomfort while invigorating the senses--and eucalyptus, which has also been shown to relieve joint soreness. Together, these ingredients create a powerhouse for joint health and mobility with a refreshing aroma, making our CBD Sport Balm perfect for all-day relief and use on the joints, neck, back, and muscles. Our Sport Cream offers the same benefits and ingredients in a moisturizing, cream-based format, and our CBD Sport Balm 2x takes relief even further with double the potency. 

CBG for Joint Health

If you’re looking to enhance your joint health routine even further, you might also consider adding our 2000mg CBG Tincture--or our CBG + CBD Tincture--to your CBD regimen. CBG is believed to be an anti-inflammatory powerhouse that fights inflammation like CBD, but it does so through a different mechanism of action. By adding CBG to your CBD routine, you can target inflammation from all angles to further aid relief. 

Additional Benefits of CBD for Seniors

Potential relief from stiffness or soreness is just one of many benefits Serenital’s products can offer seniors and those struggling with joint issues. Even if joint relief is the reason that you begin using Serenital, you may experience various additional benefits associated with our ingredients, including 

Why Choose Sererenital? 

But why choose Serenital in your journey to healthier, more mobile joints? 

Here at Serenital, we take pride in offering products that may allow individuals to achieve relief with pure, high-potency CBD products you can trust. Our hemp is grown locally, and our products are created in compliance with pharmaceutical manufacturing standards to guarantee the most effective CBD on today’s market. 

From seed to sale, Serenital controls every aspect of the processing, extraction, and formulation techniques that go into creating your final product. This degree of control allows us to ensure that every step of the process is executed in accordance with the industry’s highest safety and quality standards. And the individuals who oversee and control this process have unrivaled expertise. Our products are formulated by scientists with over fifteen years of experience in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and our extraction processes allow us to offer some of the highest CBD concentrations on the market today. This allows for effective, exact dosing to ensure that our customers have full control over--and receive optimal benefits from--their therapeutic CBD routines. 

Want to learn more about our safety and quality standards? Check out our laboratory, Riverleaf Biotech, to learn more about what Serenital does to ensure our customers receive today's purest, most effective products.